Severin Alexey

Severin Alexey


Abstract. The article examines the potential and possibilities of Erickson’s therapy in preventing the occurrence and treatment of panic attacks. The author analyzes panic attacks, proceeding from the mechanisms of their occurrence and determining causes. Approaches to the study of panic attacks as a psychopathological phenomenon have been identified. The psychopathological structure of the intrapersonal conflict, which is transformed into an extreme degree of severity, is considered. Approaches to identifying the mechanisms of manifestation of panic attacks are considered, their psychotherapeutic potential is grounded. The possibilities of Erickson’s therapy in the treatment of panic attacks are revealed. The essence of the phenomenon of multilevel speech in the process of psychotherapeutic influence is revealed. It emphasizes the softness and effectiveness of psychotherapeutic treatment in the process of Erickson’s therapy in the analysis of internal conflicts, which are a causal factor in psychological personality disorders.

Key words: panic attacks, approaches and mechanisms, Erickson’s therapy, fears and experiences, psychotherapeutic possibilities, changes in dysfunctional behavior of the individual.

SeverinAlexey – Ph. D. Senior Re-searcher of the Research Laboratory for the Development of Educational Programs and Technologies in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry of the Engineering Center of BelSU, BelSU, Belgorod

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