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Abstract. This article discusses the possibility of communication between negative life experience and formation of negative thinking, depression, psychological attitudes and parental attitudes, as well as the influence of the above factors on the future life of the individual. The concept of dependence of negative thinking on stressful life situations is revealed. The connection between negative thinking and depression is shown. The catalytic effect of depression on psychological and parental attitudes is reflected. The author comes to the conclusion that negative thinking is the trigger of development of much more serious problems than bad mood. In fact, it directs human life in a negative direction. Also, the author proposes a method of correction of negative experiences.

Key words: negative thinking, depression, psychological attitudes, parental attitudes.

Popov Anton – psychologist, psychographer, suggestologist and clinical psychologist. He graduated from RSSU in 2015 with a diploma of a specialist in the profession «Psychologist. Teacher of psychology». Passed courses of improvement of qualification programme: psychographology, hypnosis and trance States, visual diagnostics. In 2018 he received a diploma «Clinical psychology».

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